About Us

Christina Celeste Cruz-President


As the Owner/Administrator for Prime, Christina Cruz has many responsibilities vital to the business processes of Prime. She is responsible for many of the administrative activities such as reports management, human resource management, and fiscal management. She has outstanding people skills necessary for leading and motivating personnel for cost-effective and efficient operations. She leads with integrity and her strong organization skills are vital to the success of Prime Maintenance & Construction. 

Marcus Cruz-Sales Consultant / Chief Estimator


Marcus Cruz has over 25 years of experience in commercial construction. With his years of experience, Marcus has been involved in every phase of the project ensuring each phase is executed accurately. Marcus exhibits great attention to detail and flexibility which is vital the success of a project in an organic environment. Experienced with landmark projects to include C.C. International Airport and Whataburger Field. As the Sales Consultant and Chief Estimator, he executes thorough analysis of each project to ensure clients are receiving the best value solution for their construction needs without compromising quality.  

Edward Cruz-Chief Construction Officer


Edward has an extensive background in commercial construction operation with over 20 years of experience. Edward is aggressive in identifying and resolving inefficient construction operational processes and has led numerous projects successfully with his extensive experience as a project manager. He understands the nature of construction and has the ability to adapt with little notice and without affecting the overall goals of the project. His strong knowledge in commercial practices and his ability to effectively coordinate people and resources creates an environment for successful execution of projects.